How to make Rasgulla and Biography of Rasgulla

Biography of Rasgulla

Rasgulla, another prominent Indian sweet, is a much-loved and popular dessert that first originated from West Bengal. Its name comes from two Hindi words – “Ras” which means juicy and “Gulla” which means round.

Process to make Rasgulla:

Make Chain: Heat milk and add lemon juice to it and make curd. After this take out the sugar from the chain.

Remove from the strainer: Cover the strainer with a muslin cloth and strain it, so that the water drains out and only the strain of curd remains.

Make rasgulla balls: Holding the chain in your hands, make balls, being careful and ensuring that the balls do not come into contact.

Make syrup: Boil water and sugar together and make syrup.

Cook Rasgullas: Put the prepared balls in sugar syrup and cook till it cools down.

Serve the Rasgullas once they cool down: When they cool down, take out the Rasgullas and serve them.

The taste of Rasgulla can make everyone crazy. It is aromatic like Gulab Jamun and is usually eaten in winter when it is cold.

Have you ever eaten Rasgulla? Or are you thinking of making one?

How to make Rasgulla

Making Rasgulla is a little time consuming, but it will give you the pleasure of a delicious dessert. Here's a simple recipe:


To make the balls:

1 liter milk
2 tsp lemon juice (for making curd)
1/4 cup semolina
1/4 tsp ghee
To make syrup:

2 cups sugar
3 cups water

How to make:

1. Make curd from milk:

Heat milk in a big vessel.
Add lemon juice to it, mix it and cover the milk and leave it for 20-30 minutes so that curd can form.
Now add semolina and ghee to the curd and mix well with a spoon.

2. Make balls:

Make small balls from the prepared curd.
Keep in mind that while making the balls, apply some oil on your hands so that the balls become shiny.

3. Make syrup:

Mix sugar and water in a separate vessel and boil.
When the sugar dissolves completely and forms a thick syrup, take it out.

4. Cook Rasgullas:

Drop the prepared balls into the boiling syrup.
Cover and boil on medium flame for 15-20 minutes.
Then cover and let it cool for 20-30 minutes.
Rasgulla is ready! Serve them when they cool down and enjoy. How was your attempt at making Rasgulla?

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